Caroline Baxter Reviews

Some of the wonderful people I have had the opportunity to work with…

“If you want to speed up your success and your business growth there is one thing that every budding entrepreneur should do: GET A MENTOR. It’s the best way to get traction and start pushing your business to where you want it to be.

I found a mentor and a friend in Caroline and she has helped me enormously. It is very easy to get things wrong in the business world, I know that first hand which is why I chose to get a mentor. Someone who keeps me on track and holds me accountable for my business actions and that person for me is Caroline. She is an incredible business woman, coach and mentor and I honestly don’t know where my business would be if I hadn’t reached out to her. Thanks Caroline, I owe you big time!”
Ben Hulmewww.scaleogy.com


Andy Whitehead linkedinCaroline has been instrumental in designing the take off of my business. Moving from a one man business into creating a business that can scale and truly leverage my own skills. Caroline has an innate ability to find a solution where one was not obvious. Caroline will find a solution without any fuss and get to the point immediately. If I had been exposed to her skills in building a business 12 months before I would have saved thousands on resourcing costs and months in getting the business operational. If you have a business and know deep down that you have something that can grow. I strongly recommend you speak to Caroline. She will tell you “the what” and “the how” and support you in getting it implemented – Andy Whiteheadwww.digital2recruit.com


Maz Matin

Caroline’s business strategies are absolutely priceless! Her ability to instantly create a financial  strategy to grow  an existing business is a rare and genuine talent. Anytime I’m looking to implement a new business idea from scratch or take an existing business to the next level then Caroline is my go to person!

 Maz Matinwww.mazmatin.com


Damien SayerCaroline, with her business experience and golden heart can’t help but propel you towards making money and the right direction for your business.
Work hard and she will get you there wink
From online to offline, she knows her stuff!

Damien Sayer,   www.nakedjuicer.com


natasha dowlingCaroline’s business advice has always been spot on. Any advice she has given us has always helped us to grow our own business in directions that we had not thought of before. Caroline’s innovative approach has helped us to expand our business in an easy and useful way.
Caroline’s business coaching is absolutely needed for anyone in any kind of business! From the simple daily tasks to the hurdles that we all have to climb in our businesses, she is capable to guide us in our ideas and help to turn them into action. And we all know as business owners, action on the right tasks is the key to success.
Caroline has been there for us in the good and ‘scary’ times of our business growth and this is something that is priceless at any stage of business development- support. We know that we can always count on Caroline’s wisdom, trust and time. Thanks Caroline. – Natasha Dowling, www.web2mobile.org